What's in a name? 3 reasons why I changed mine.

Identity. It's a funny thing. Some people go their entire lives knowing exactly who they are and what they want to do. Never needing any clarity they drift through life content with what they know and are ok with that. And that's, well...ok. And then there are those introspective creative folks. You know the type. The starving artist, troubled soul who never seems fully satisfied. Their fashion sense, career path and music taste change more than a teenage girls mind. They are always trying something new, looking for that freshness that seems to come and go faster than the flavor in a piece of teaberry gum. 

I happen to be one of those types. An introspective muser. Born into a bit of an identity conundrum I was surrounded by mystery in my little mind not really knowing who I was. For example,  It was like I had 3 dads. My Granddad who is like a father to me, my biological dad who sired me and my step dad who took on the responsibility of raising me. Why is that important? Their names. That what was important to me. Their names held a sense of honor. It represented who they were and what they were about. And the one that I would wear would be the one that I would honor with my life and, consequently, the one I would draw from for my own identity. 

So what is in a name? Well as far as the Bible is concerned, everything.  As matter of fact, when Jesus taught people how to engage God in prayer the very first thing He told them to do was revere God's name. One of the Ten commandments was dedicated to respecting God's name and never using it vainly. Heck, God is so into names and there significance He gave His Son a name so great that it is the only name that when confessed, can save a persons soul. Why? Because God see's a name as being connected to who someone is. Their identity. Their value. What they stand for. 

So you're probably wondering, whats that have to do with me changing my name? I'm glad you asked. My identity. Me dealing with who I am and rolling with the punches. My legal name is still Brian Paul Pflieger. However, recently I did adopt a pseudonym for public use and here's why:
  1. Rebranding. 2 years ago I was able to fulfill a life long dream and move to a city I have always wanted live. Music city. Nashville, Tennessee. There were several reason for that move but the one that fits our context in this blog is music. In particular, a musical artist. In this world the rebranding of ones identity is a normal thing. It helps you stay current and connect with a wider array of audience over a longer period of time. I felt it was time for me to undergo this process in order to get headed in the right direction artistically. Also, from a marketing standpoint, Rhea flows of the tongue better than Pflieger. 
  2. Restart. When we moved to Nashville I was beat up by ministry, my past and other people. I felt I needed a fresh start. And apparently so did God, so he gave me one. Redeeming my name is important to me. And sometimes, you need another name to help in that journey. 
  3. Remembrance. In May of 2012 a close relative and one of my childhood heroes was senselessly murdered in his own home in front of his mother in cold blood. This man was very precious to me and the rest of my family. It was tragic. He was one of the last remaining men on my mother's side to carry my Grandfather's name. That name being Rhea. So, when I was contemplating with the idea of changing my name his memory and my Grandfather's honor won out. Thus the name Brian Paul Rhea. 
Maybe you're at a place where you could use a fresh start. A rebranding if you will. It may not constitute a changing of your name but it may require some serious reconsideration of your current state. Think about where you're at now. Now think about where you wanna be and start praying, thinking and planning on how you will get there and don't be afraid to change. 

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living." ~Gail Sheehy